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design cuno frommherz




Laura tables cross the i’s of your interior. Because these clever combi-tables are the trendy alternative to having one big coffee table. Their curves, rounds, ovals or octagons inspire you to create endless combinations. They come in solid wood (walnut or white oak), marble or glass. Eye-catchers for connoisseurs.

Designer Cuno Frommherz is developing for JORI a varied set of tables that stand out for their smoothly curved lines and the rich material choice which make infinite combinations possible.

A beautiful seating piece only comes fully into its own when all matching accessories perfectly accompany the design as well.

That was the challenge and also the starting point for designer Cuno Frommherz to create a set of tables which, through their elegant flexible lines, gracefully support the forms of the JORI seating furniture offer.

And the result is well worth the effort. The varied LAURA table set offers a choice from no fewer than three flowing forms: round, oval or octagonal. But also the proposed material choice for the table top - in solid wood, marble or glass - allows for a range of combination possibilities.

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