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design cuno frommherz



Nowadays ‘sprawling’ seems like the operative word for any sofa. Generous, soft and with an abundance of fluffy pillows.

Sumptuous indeed! But what about compact living spaces or those who love slightly more active, ergonomic seating comfort? How do we meet their wishes without compromising on the embracing, rounded

designs that are so popular nowadays?

Designer Cuno Frommherz now presents the solution in the shape of JORI’s latest sofa, Obsession. A sofa of extreme feminine elegance whose active, upright seating line is the perfect answer to the demand for ergonomic, supportive seating. Taking place in Obsession, you are almost sitting up straight, with a fairly high back that offers support right up to the shoulders. The cushion that is subtly integrated halfway the seating height not only ensures additional comfort but also interrupts the rigidity of the inner design.

The Obsession sofa programme can be configured at will to seat two, three or four people. The collection also includes an armchair and a footstool, making for a versatile set-up.

Like the entire JORI collection, the Obsession sofa programme is manufactured with craftsmanship in the JORI production workshops in Belgium and can be upholstered with the brand’s entire leather and fabric collection. Base available in all standard JORI lacquers. Two seating heights: 43 cm and 44.5 cm.

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