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design cuno frommherz




The second new product Cassina is launching at the 2005 Milan Salone del Mobile has been designed by Cuno Frommherz, self-taught Swiss designer. The Samsarabed has been produced with great care. The stitching of the fabric covering is couture, and the leather covering is top-quality leather craftsmanship. The thickness of the headboards continues on to the bed frame; the proportions of the base element are formed by two sturdy elegantly curved chromed pieces, that match with the upholstered part of the structure admirably. 

The bed is available in three widths: 160, 170 and 180cm. 


“The world is loud, restless and fast - nowadays we daily receive a hundred times more items of information than in 1960 - we do not need any new stimuli and more restlessness. More than anything we need silence, clarity and atmosphere. This bed has been created with this kind of background. Our design stands for timelessness without any gimmicks. This piece of furniture will offer the user freedom rather than force a predetermined view on him. The atmosphere of this piece ought to inspire character in the room and support the individuality of the user. The design is not telling a complete story, the observer should have room to create his own. Based on those reflections we have omitted everything unnecessary and focused on the prime functions of a bed and its atmosphere”.

Cuno Frommherz, April 2005

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