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design cuno frommherz




With its pronounced curves, Sophia is like a refuge in the living room. It radiates the perfect amount of feminine elegance. A sofa with curves, but never lacking in curative comfort. Because the care it takes of your body never fails. There are also back cushions in various sizes that are available in a wide range of coverings. So there is always a Sophia that exactly matches your taste.

The new sofa SOPHIA Landscape has earned its name. At first sight the new sitting piece seduces with its soft and elegant contours, which are supported by fine corner feet. SOPHIALandscapehas the sensual look of an elegant lady on high heels. Entirely in line with the trend of rounded organic forms, Cuno Frommherz presents his feminine interpretation of the modern classic. Classy, luxurious and comfortable, the subtle design of the SOPHIA Landscape follows the gentle contours of a mountain landscape in the moonlight, the ´Heimat ´ of Frommherz.

SOPHIA Landscape adds a strikingly sensual variant to the JORI sofa collection. Faithful to the JORI comfort standards, the ergonomic sitting experience and the functionality of this new lady have been refined to the point of perfection.

Especially attractive is the dimensional programme of SOPHIA Landscape, which makes different (corner) setups possible. Furthermore, one can chose from two cushion qualities, cuddly soft or sturdily comfortable, a back support for extra comfort and a series of organic fantasy elements that give it a unique touch. A harmonious assortment of coffee tables LAURA completes the SOPHIA Landscape programme.

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