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The inspiration from a tradition of master craftsmanship, superlative technical expertise and the constant striving for perfection that is the norm at Rolf Benz are now expressed through a new, completely different range of sofas: 
Rolf Benz VERO. The range represents the quintessence of the Rolf Benz world of values, marking a new highpoint in the Rolf Benz collections. It will certainly soon become another of the great Rolf Benz classics. A sofa which, as its Latin name – “VERO” – suggests, focuses on authenticity: on modern, straight lines, outstanding seating comfort, logical and well thought-out functions, fantastic personal usefulness and long-lasting, first-class quality. 
Rolf Benz VERO is an authentic, unmistakeable and also highly luxurious sofa range that embodies all of the features characteristic of Rolf Benz, coupled with a wealth of outstanding properties. 

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